Storing, securing, keeping safe and insuring your Caravan, Motor-Home or RV plus a lots of other information.

For owners of RVs of all kinds this really is the best way to get away.  You have everything you need with you in your familiar surroundings and you can choose to go more or less where the the fancy takes you.

This works really well almost all of the time apart from the odd mishap – perhaps the tow-car might break down, we may drag a power lead on the road and blow a line of fuses or we may forget where we’re going and book the wrong campsite.  Mice can get into the van while it’s in storage and chew important bits of the interior or we may even have an accident while towing.  Birds can do their business on the roof or on the awning and cause damage or dampness and mildew can become an issue in storage.

All of this may sound a little bit made up, but I do have personal experience of some of them and I know people who have experienced the others.

The first thing to consider is an adequate level of insurance, which should be in place before you drive home from the dealer.  Chances are that if you leave the dealers’ premises without having insurance in place then nothing will happen.  However there is just a chance that the wheel may come off, literally or figuratively, and you’ll be left with a damaged unit and nowhere to go.