Wherever you keep your caravan, motor home or travel trailer you will need to take some security precautions.  

There are a number of options for where we keep our units when they are not in use, including at home, specialist storage facilities, outdoors on site or at premises belonging to friends.

A strong yellow padlock secures an steel bolt on a heavy wooden fence

When we collect our caravan and go on holiday we need to similarly be aware of security precautions that we can take as we motor along in order to ensure that we have a carefree holiday.

Some basic security measures such as locking and alarm systems apply wherever we have our RVs, however it is worth taking the time to have a more detailed look at some specific things we can do at different locations.

Home Security – Some measures you can take to keep you your van safe while you store it on your driveway or in your garden

Caravan Security in Storage – If you are considering keeping your van in a dedicated storage facility this may help you in selecting one and it will give you some tips about how to keep it out of the hands of villains while it is there.

Caravan Security While on Site – The object of the exercise is to get to the camp-site as quickly, safely and as often as possible.  Here are some tips for keeping your van safe while you’re there.  You will notice throughout the site that I do not deal with anything to do with camping wild, that is pitching up anywhere except at a campsite approved by a local or national caravan, motor home or camping organisation.  You may find that if you do camp wild you are exposing yourself and your property to un-necessary risk.  Don’t do it.

Caravan Security while Travelling – In order to get where we are going we need to travel on the public highway and make comfort and overnight stops along the way.  This page will give you an awareness of some of the things that you can do to keep yourself and your property safe while you are in transit.

Electronic Vehicle Tracking – If you are unfortunate enough to have your caravan stolen then a tracking device fitted along with your alarm can be of immense benefit in the recovery of your property.

If you have specific questions about RV security please drop me a line and I’ll chase down an answer for you.  If you have any experiences you want to share or advice to offer based on personal experience I would also be very happy to hear from you.  I’ll never mention you on the site unless you want me to and of course I’ll never share your e-mail or any of your contact details with anybody else.

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