Riding along in my automobile… or motor-home,  RV,  or tow-car…  Its’s what we all want to do in order to get to the campsite or to get home safely at the end of a relaxing holiday.  What happens though if our engine stops or the wheel comes off and we break down at the roadside? 

When you’re on the road, or your caravan is safely pitched up on the campsite and something happens to immobilise your vehicle what do you do?  Who can you call on to assist?

If you’re camping near home, or in your own country or state you’ll be largely familiar with some of the measures you can take to get you moving again.  What you do may be covered by your insurance policy and everything is soon sorted.  If you have wandered far from home and are in a different state or country things might be a little more troublesome.  If you find yourself where you don’t know the language this can be a distinct disadvantage.  You will also find that things are done differently in different places.  The simple, familiar act of walking into a workshop or garage and getting help might vary somewhat depending on where you are and what local systems are in use.

The best way to avoid these problems is to sort yourself out with one of the insurance companies that provide motorhome assist to you in the jurisdictions that you intend to enter.

The Camping and Caravanning Club

The camping and caravanning club in the UK, as part of their motorhome policy, will cover you anywhere in Europe for an accident on the road and for vehicle breakdown.  They will arrange for collection  and the carrying out of any necessary repairs, getting you back on the road again.

The Caravan Club

The caravan club have an interesting offer in this regard which is available to members and which covers your motorhome, car, touring caravan or trailer tent.  For about the cost of a good lunch for two, with a decent half bottle, you can avail of their Mayday Vehicle Rescue Programme which applies especially to caravan and motorhome owners.  This is provided in cooperation with Green Flag and applies to all of the United Kingdom.  You can drive in the knowledge that if you do break down they will come and get you at any time of the day or night each and every day of the year.

The caravan club Mayday vehicle Rescue Programme is effective only in the UK, however you can avail of their Red Pennant service which they have put together especially for members who take their motorhomes and caravans to the rest of Europe.   They emphasis that this service is available to the owners of motorhomes and carvanners, and like their domestic cover, can be accessed at any time 365 days of the year.

This page deals specifically with breakdown assistance and you will find that the above policies cover that and much more besides.

The Caravan club is situated in East Grinstead and their number for general inquiries is 01342 326 944.  You can contact the Camping and caravanning Club on 024 7647 5448, and they are in Coventry.


The RAC offer to get you back on the road fast and they tell us that they have more patrols per member than any other similar organisation.  Their first approach is to attempt to fix all breakdowns at the roadside and they state that they fix four out of five problems right there, allowing people to continue happily on their way.  If the roadside repair is not an option then they provide a recovery service, with an onward travel option.  Should you be unlucky enough to have your car break down at home before you set out the RAC will come and sort you out there.

You can contact them on 0844 774 8748.

The AA

This is probably one of the most well known of the organisations that exist to assist motorists and they are to be seen in various joined-up and independents formats around the world.

A quick look at what they offer in terms of breakdown assistance for caravanners shows that they have a design-your-own facility which lets you choose from an number of options.

Among the ones that are relevant to us here are roadside assistance with a tow to the local garage if your car can be fixed there.  They have home start; you can even book a time, recovery nationally with up to 7 passengers, parts and garage cover and various onward travel options.  They also provide  comprehensive European Cover and they can be contacted on +44 161 333 0004

National Motor Club – USA

In the US there are many companies and organisations which will be very happy to hear from you in regard to your requirements relating to RV and tow-car breakdown assistance.  One such is the National Motor Club which has a section dedicated to roadside assistance for RVs.  They offer a 24/7 service which includes towing if required. Flat tyre solutions, delivery of fuel and emergency fluid to the site of the breakdown, jump-starting and getting you back into your vehicle if you lock yourself out are also included.  They offer the services of mobile mechanics drawing on a pool of in-house certified and master certified personnel.

You can contact National Motor Club on 800-895-5593

Is there a good provider of motor assist that you would like to tell people about or would you like me track one down in your area.  Drop me a line in the e-mail and I’ll do my best to find the information you need.