Shows the flag of South AfricaHere is a list of Insurance Providers in South Africa that will be happy to quote you for your mobile or static caravan, RV and motor home needs:


1st For Women offer caravan insurance whether you are a casual camper or spend lots of your time on the road exploring the outdoors.  They offer comprehensive cover against damage and theft and also against certain types of damage by others and their properties.  In terms of loss or damage you will be covered up to the market value or the the value stated on the policy, whichever is the lower amount.    In the event of an accident involving recovery 1st For Women ask that you use their approved towing operator to get you to the nearest repairer.   Other parties are covered if you are unlucky enough to be held responsible for any accident, however as with most insurance exclusions apply, namely;  if your caravan is towed by another vehicle driven by the regular driver in a vehicle which is not licensed to that regular driver, or if the driver is operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,  or if the caravan or the vehicle towing it is not roadworthy, or if the caravan is being used outside of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland or Zimbabwe.

Contact: 0860 1028 44

Mutual and Federal offer trailer and caravan insurance and their cover is limited to events that occur within the Republic of South Africa.  This provider has some unusual exclusions including losses or damage arising from or related to the slowing down or stopping of work and the lawful seizure or dispossession of your property by a constituted authority.  The usual theft of your van, accidental damage to your unit or accidental damage caused to others or their property is also included.

Contact 0860 2255 63

Dial Direct realise that caravans are expensive items and offer comprehensive insurance cover tailored specifically for owners of caravans.  Having an understanding of the South African Market they offer a package for domestic, pleasure and social purposes and the normal excess will apply to any claims that you might make.   Any payments made in the event of a claim will be on a reasonable market value or on the value stated on the relevant insurance documents, whichever is the lesser.

Specific arrangements will need to be made in regard to towing your unit should it have been damaged in an accident in order to qualify for a payout by Dial Direct.  Some normal exclusions also occur.

Contact:  0860 1043 18

Budget Caravan Insurance offer the reasonable and very good advice that your caravan should be roadworthy according to the relevant legislation.  They want you to enjoy all that the South African countryside has to offer while you tour it with your van and offer some of the usual products in order to ensure that you have peace of mind while doing so.  If you are a caravan or motor home owner who likes to take your boat or motorcycle with you Budget also offer insurance for these vehicles.

All conditions and excesses will be stated on any document that you receive from the company.  You will be paid out for the cost of storage and towing your caravan as long as it is considered fair, and payments in the event of an accident will be calculated on the market or stated value of the caravan, whichever is the lesser amount.

Budget Insurance Brokers state that their premiums are competitive and are considered one of the lowest in the market.

Contact: You can fill out a form or request a callback at

Prime Sure offer Unity Caravan Insurance in order that you can have the peace of mind that you want in order to enjoy the perfect holiday destinations in sunny South Africa.  You can claim if your caravan is stolen or damaged and for damage that you may accidentally cause to other persons or their property.  If you chose to use your unit for purposes other than social, domestic or pleasure purposes you will need to contact Prime Sure or look elsewhere for cover as you may find that you have exposure that you don’t want.  Loose contents in your caravan are also covered by this provider which means that they will pay out on all the valued personal effects that you carry with you on holiday.

Contact: 1004 Monument Avenue, Lyttleton Manor, Centurion 0157  Tel: 012 644 0147

Virgin Money – Virgin Money Caravan Insurance is in South Africa and will be happy to quote you.  If you use the Virgin Money-Like-it-Should-Be towline, if anything bad happens that is, then you will be covered to take your damaged van to the nearest repairer.  All standard factory fitted accessories are covered including bedding appliances, provided they came with the van when you bought it.

Contact 0860 1056 46