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Here is a list of Insurance Providers in the United States that will be happy to quote you for your mobile or static caravan, RV and motor home needs:


AARP Auto and Home Insurance Programme offer a twelve month policy to insure your RV which locks in your rate for a year.  Once you become an AARP customer all you have to do it maintain a few basics, like a valid driving  license,  and you can avail of their lifetime renewable benefit.  This of course is subject to certain conditions which the company will make clear to you.   24 hour access for filing claims is available each day, 365 days a year, and this can be very useful indeed if you are on the move and away from home.

Some people like to travel with all kinds of other vehicles on tow or on board.  AARP are happy to chat with you about about insuring your snowmobile, golf cart, ATV, personal watercraft and boat.  If you want to take the lot with you they may even offer a deal.

Contact:  General Correspondence, AARP Insurance Program, The Hartford, P.O. Box 14219, Lexington, KY 40512-9979, USA.  Tel:  1-888-808-5254

GEICO assures us that they have real people ready to help you with your RV motorhome, travel trailer or camper insurance.  They welcome newcomers, old hands, fulltimers and snowbirds and they strive to get you the best deal available at the best price.  You can save money with them if you insure more than one vehicle, complete a defensive driving course or have a commercial driving licence.   They have a number of different payment plans that make it flexible and easy to do business with them.

Contact:  GEICO Powersports, One GEICO Center, Macon, GA 31295-0001 USA.  Tel: 1-800-909-4246

Gilbert RV Insurance has some good if unusual, for an insurance company, advice for people who are setting out to buy a used RV.  Firstly asses your lifestyle and buy a unit that matches what you want to do.  If you want to spend a few years full-time, exploring the nation you will need to look at a much more comprehensive trailer than if you go out for a short time and small distance only occasionally.  Sounds obvious, but I have seen huge RVs parked up for months at time, when a much smaller and more economical unit would have done the job.

If you buy a used RV they advise using caution when checking it out.  One of their customers got clonked with a piece of two by four when he was exploring the shelves.  Having no idea how it got there or what it’s purpose was he proceeded with a greater degree of caution until he had a full understanding of what he had bought.

Gilbert sound eminently sensible and you can contact them on 1-888-784-6787

GMAC Insurance are also available nationwide to chat with you about your needs and to help you to find the best deal available.  The offer hassle-free RV insurance quotes, saving both time and money.  They are happy to chat with you about insuring your camper conversions, Airstream or camper shell.  This is in addition to any any of the standard units.  You can have your auto and RV coverage on one policy and avail of their flexible payment options.

Contact: 1-866-646-1755

Progressive suggest that you take out separate RV insurance rather than simply adding it to your existing policy.  They offer to protect your vehicle from top to bottom and they offer vacation cover, full timer insurance, and emergency expenses.  There are a lot of options available and they are available 24/7 to discuss your requirements online or on the telephone.  Class A, B and C motor homes are catered for as well as campers, travel trailers,  fifth wheels, pop-ups and toy haulers.

Contact:  The Progressive Corporation, 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143, USA.  Tel 1800-776-4737  (1800-PROGRESSIVE)

RV Insurance America is also available to asses your needs in regard to all types of RV and travel trailer cover.  They take the view, correctly I think, that you have a duty to protect your investment through choosing the correct policy.

Reading through some of their material I have come across something which I hadn’t considered until now, low branch collision.  It brings to mind a time when I did in fact damage a roof light while reversing our van into storage.  I hadn’t realised that there were unusually low overhead telephone cables in the area and I had opened the roof-light after we arrived in order to change the air in the van.  The next time I thought about the roof-light was when it arrived on the driveway in many pieces.  Thankfully that problem was easily solved by fitting a new relatively inexpensive unit.

Some of the equipment fixed to the roofs of units is a bit on the expensive side these days, like air conditioners and automatic satellite dishes.  If you are unlucky enough to lose or damage these things it is good to know that the cost of replacement is covered.

Contact 1-888-803-5999,  Monday to Saturday 0700 to 1800 PST.