I regularly take a look at the various insurance markets in different countries in order to see which companies are providing caravan, motor-home and R.V. cover.  I put what I find on the following pages.

While the basic services are the same in each country, you will find that the regulations, laws relating and types of cover will vary from place to place.  For instance I have noticed in Australia that it is easy to avail of two levels of cover depending on whether you travel a lot or like to leave your unit at one location.

If your company provides insurance for caravan, motor-homes, RVs or travel trailers do get in touch with me and I’ll be very happy to ensure that your services are listed here on the website.

This page is organised into sections based on geographic location, so just find your country below or select it from the drop-down menu above.

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Information on this site is offered for your information only and you will need to satisfy yourself that you are getting the product you need in order to protect your own particular caravan, motor home or static caravan.   If you do come across a company that is irrelevant to these pages or that no longer operates I would really appreciate you letting me know.  A quick line in the e-mail is all I need & I’ll make the changes as quickly as I can.  Similarly if there is a company or product that you would like others to be aware of  let me know  & I’ll write it up.