The Class A Motorhome is a purpose-built recreational vehicle which is at the luxury end of the market.  It most often resembles a bus, which is square at all ends.  Into this flying brick-shaped vehicle you will find that manufacturers have built everything imaginable to make your vacation as comfortable as possible.

While your Class A Motorhome resembles a bus in size and shape you can find smaller ones also. This however can be hard to do as this class of vehicle is  firmly aimed at the top, luxury, end of the market.

Unlike the bus conversion this vehicle, while often built on a bus chassis, starts out in the factory to become a motorhome.  There is a crossover here with the diesel pusher, or even the gasoline pusher as many of the features that define the Class A will also be identified in the diesel pusher.  Not least among these is the tendency for a rear mounted engine and front mounted generator.  This means that while you are on the road the engine works away in the rear, 40 feet or so away from you while you are driving, pushing the rear wheels.   This removes you from the noise of the engine helping you to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy you break.  These vehicles often locate their generators to the front of the vehicle and the main sleeping area to the rear.  This means that at nighttime you are a far as you can be from the noise created by this machine, ensuring you every chance of a decent nights sleep.

People who like to buy these units tend to be those who have a a little bit more time available for RVing and seeing the country.  They will also be up there in the higher income brackets while some may have sold their houses and taken to the roads as a full-timer.  Professionals who use these vehicles include musicians who spend a good deal of their time on the road as well as people who travel to work in the car racing business, in the equine industry and in the film industry.

You can go anywhere you want in this class of vehicle and your range is unlimited provided you’ve got a reasonably good road which is wide enough to accommodate the vehicle.  When you get to your destination you can park anywhere you want as long its on a paved surface where the pitch is wide enough and long enough.   Like the diesel-pusher it is best not to take it off the pavement in case it sinks up to it’s axles in the mud. Even on apparently firm ground a vehicle of this size and weight will often start to make downward, and unwelcome, progress.

As with most other RVS, especially at the higher end of the market, you can take them out at any time of the year.  They are well insulated with air conditioning units on board to regulate the climate inside the unit.  Most people of course, as is the case with almost all RVs, will go out in better weather and will tend to avoid extremes of heat and cold.  This is not so much related to conditions inside the unit which can be more or less ideal at all times, but apply to what you do when you get there.  There is not a lot of point in driving for a few days to get to your destination if it’s too hot, cold or rainy when you get there to get yourself outdoors.   This of course depends on why you go and it may just happen that extremes is what you are seeking.  Not a lot of point in trying to ski in the rain!

If this is the kind of vehicle for you then have a look at some of the manufacturers below & take a trip along to your local dealer.  As always if I have omitted a dealer that should be included here or if there is anything specific that you would like me to write about just pop along to the Contact Page and let me know.  If it’s possible to track down what you want to know I’ll find it for you & put it up here for everybody to enjoy.


Adventure Manufacturing LTD, 33541 Maclure Road, Abbots Ford, BC V2S 7W1.  Tel 604 852 5731

Amadas Coach Corporation, 1007 Obici Industrial Blvd, Suffolk, VA 23434.  Tel 757 925 2862

Beaver Motor Coaches,62955 Boyd Acres Rd, Bend, OR 97701  Tel 877 466 6226

Bigfoot Industries, 4114 Crozier Rd., Armstrong, BC VOE 1B0.  Tel 250 546 2155

Born Free Motorcoach, PO Box 39, Humboldt, IA 50548.  Tel 800 247 1835

Champion Motor Coach, 58277 State Road 19, Elkhart, IN 46517.  Tel 574 296 7700

Chariot Vans Inc., 2994 Paul Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514.  Tel 574 264 7577

Coachmen Industries, 2831 Dexter Drive, Elkhart, IN 46515.  Tel 574 262 0123

Conquest, 1701 Century Drive, Goshen, IN 46528.  Tel 574 533 3121

Country Coach, 135 E. First Street, Junction City, OR 97448.  Tel 541 998 3720

CT Coachworks LLC, 6001 20th Street, Rubidoux, CA 92509.  Tel 951 680 9400

Custom Coach Corporation, 7052 Americana Parkway, Columbus, OH 43068.  Tel 614 481 8881

Damon Corporation, 2958 Gateway Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514.  Tel 574 262 2624

DRV, 0160 W. 750 N., Howe, IN 46746.  Tel 260 562 1075

Dynamax Corporation, 2745 Northland Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514.  Tel 574 262 3474

El Dorado Motor Corp., 1200 West Tenth, Minneapolis, KS 67467

Entegra Coach, Inc., 903 S. Main St., Middlebury, IN 46540.  Tel 800 945 4787

Fleetwood RV, 3125 Myers Street, Riverside, CA 92503.  Tel 951 351 3500

Forest River, 55470 CR 1, Elkhart, IN 46515.  Tel 574 389 4600

Foretravel, 1221 NW Stallings Drive, Nacogdoches, TX 75964.  Tel 936 564 8367

Four Winds International, 701 CR 15, Elkhart, IN 46515.  Tel 574 266 1111

Frank Industries, 3950 Burnsline Road, Brown City, MI 48416.  Tel 810 346 2771

Georgie Boy Manufacturing, P.O. Box 30, Middlebury, IN 46540.  Tel 800 353 7383

Gulf Stream Coach, PO Box 1005, Nappanee, IN 46550.  Tel 574 773 7761