The following are the main caravan brands available from manufacturers based in the United Kingdom:


Bailey Caravans are based in Bristol and have been in business for over 60 years.  They are an innovative company that operates a state of the art production system allowing them to deliver exceptional value and quality to the end user.  Their latest technology which is now used is all models is a market leader in the way that caravans are designed and built.  This Alu-Tech body design means that they produce a very robust unit which has eliminated wood from the construction of their caravans.  This makes their caravans strong, durable and lightweight, three of the most desirable qualities sought in a caravan or motor-home.  The haven’t sacrificed comfort and luxury however and their new technology encompasses a full range of caravans for everybody to enjoy across the price range.

The range starts out with the Orion encompassing 2 to 5 bed models and which includes a microwave and a branded Radio/CD/MP3 player, extras that are usually found only in higher end models.

If you want to go up one step the the Olympus is probably the van for you, being very easy to tow with a good range of vehicles and encompassing practicality, comfort and value for money.  A 800 watt stainless Steel Microwave comes as standard.

The next step up is the Pegasus which ranges from 2 berth to 6 berth models and which is insulated to EN1645-I, meaning that you can take it out and be comfortable winter or summer.  Warranties, which are subject to conditions, of up to ten years apply to this model.

At the top of their touring caravan range is the Unicorn which has been redesigned to include a fabulous new centre front window, allowing more light to enter the caravan and affording you a much larger view of the great outdoors.  As this is an investment in quality and luxury Bailey provide a full security package as part of the purchase price.   This includes a TRACKER Monitor Stolen Vehicle System, the AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System and new peak performance Michelin branded tyres.   Included in the Unicorn is a new fully featured central heating system which supersedes the blown air system used in earlier models.  When you have a look at the prices the whole package is far better value than you might imagine at first sight.

With a network of retailers across the UK you can be assured of attention without having to travel too far or strain your bank account to extraordinary lengths.

An interesting departure for Bailey has been the introduction of a caravan model which is designed to be towed to your caravan park of choice and left in place for the season.  These are heavy twin axle units and you won’t be able to tow this with your normal car or even 4×4.  You can avail of the dealer facility to locate the van for you. This extra weight comes with a real advantage though as it means that it is a much larger and more user friendly caravan than one that you can tow yourself.

Bailey have also entered the motor-home market with the Approach SE, ranging from a two berth to a six berth model.  The engine and base vehicle is a Peugeot and the chassis is provided by Al-KO.


Coachman are based in Hull and have four models with a range of options in each.

The Amara range is designed firmly with families in mind and has nine different layouts to choose from, going from 2 berth to 6 berth options.  Many of the layouts have included separate areas for the children so that both they and the adults can enjoy their own time and space.

The Pastiche range features five models, three of which have fixed beds.  There are five model in all in this range and they are designed for both couples and families with space for children, and even grandchildren.

The VIP range is for the caravan owner who likes a high specification with good soft furnishing and contemporary design.  In the range of five models in this class one is a two berth and the remainder are four berths.   Like the Pastiche range this also has a panoramic roof window and in addition it has a comfortable sprung bed and many other special features for discerning owners.

Coachman claim that their top of the range model, The Laser is the finest caravan on the road.  It also has the Coachman signature panoramic roof window and a truly spacious bathroom.  It boast mood lighting, top comfort throughout, contemporary style furniture units and a top class central heating system.   This model really is a wonderful home away from home.


Working out of Consett in Co. Durham Elddis make both touring caravans and motorhomes.

They produce five caravan models across the different parts of the market the first and entry level model being known as the Xplore.  This has five layouts, one with a fixed bed, and they include 2 berth units to 5 berth.

The Avente is the next step up and features a stylish sporty look in single and twin axle models.  There are 8 layouts ranging from two to six berths and you’ll find it easy to select one that suits you.

With the Affinity you are getting a whole new range of single axle caravans complete with central heating by ALDE.  This range is feature laden, easy to tow and lightweight all at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Crusader brings you into the luxury end of the market, one of the layouts even having the option of leather upholstery.  This has a central heating system that runs on gas and/or electricity and a fully featured entertainment centre with built-in freeview.  From a security standpoint it comes fitted with an alarm and PIR system.  The interior lighting consists of 100% LED fittings.

The Buccaneer is at the very top end of the Elddis range and as you’d expect has all the luxury that one will conceivably need from a caravan.  At a starting price of less than £25,000 it is also luxury that is quite affordable.  It is fitted with grade III insulation which, when combined with the fully programmable water heating and central heating systems, prepares you for caravanning in any weather.  It comes complete with a carbon monoxide alarm and the the Heki roof light will even close automatically when it rains.


Lunar are to be found in Preston in Lancashire where they produce the Lunar and Venus brands.  They claim leading position as the producer of lightweight caravans.

In the Lunar range they have three models, the Ariva Quasar, the Stellar Lexon and the Clubman Delta.  These models cover the marketplace from entry level with the Ariva to the high end with the Clubman.  Prices start at just shy of £14,000.00 at the entry level and top out at less than £24,500.00 for the high end Delta TI model.

Swift Group

The Swift Group produce caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes.  Holiday homes are often referred to as static caravans or mobile homes.

Their caravans are the Swift, Sterling and Sprite brands each of which have their own different appeal to customers across the marketplace.

The Swift Challenger range starts at around £15,500.00 for the 442, a 2 berth model and goes to just under £19,000.00 for the twin Axle six berth 636 model.  The Swift Conqueror is next in the range and includes luxury 2 berth and 4 berth models.

The Sprite is where many people start out when buying a new caravan and this is not surprising given there are 8 layouts covering 2, 4, 5 and 6 berth models.  This includes a 6 berth twin axle caravan at the top of the Sprite range for about £15,500.00

The Sterling Eccles Sport can be towed by almost all family cars and comes with a standard panoramic sunroof.  The range includes 10 models with a versatile selection of layouts that means you will almost certainly find one to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a motorhome then the four brands on offer makes this an excellent place to commence your search.  Swift, Bessacarr, Escape and Autocruise  are the four vehicles in the range and like the caravans each has its own dynamics and appeal.

If your looking for static, or holiday home, then the  range here consists, in order of entry level to luxury model, the Soleil, Burgundy, Auvergne, Bordeaux, Moselle, Chamonix and the Champagne.  Prices start at less than £20,000 and go to almost £58,000 for the Champagne.

Van Master

Vanmaster, based in Wigan in Lancashire have two caravan ranges and one motorhome.  Both the Vanmaster and Vanmaster Signature make up their offering in the caravan market and the Bently their motorhome.

The smallest in the Vanmaster range is the 450 which can be towed by a medium sized car and holds nothing back when it comes to comfortable living on the campsite.

Their 480/520 is next in line providing a luxurious 2 berth van with a choice of two different body lengths and which is also towable with a medium sized car.

The Vanmaster 580 steps up to an opulent unit that can be build either as a single or twin axle caravan.  This has a range of options including single and double dinettes, fixed bed and a special lounge layouts.

The twin axle 640 holds back on nothing and adopts a no compromise approach to providing you with excellent caravan luxury.  It comes in a flexible range of layouts that allow you to find just the right arrangement for you to really enjoy your holidays.

The Signature range also uses the model numbers 450, 480/520, 580 and 640 but in this instance you are entering a market where many hours and much attention to detail has been lavished on the design and build.  This provides you with an opulence that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  Up to 800 hours are spent on each unit and the excellent result is something that you will really need to got along to a show or dealer and judge for yourself.

The Artisan and Signature range makes up their offering in the motorhome section of the market and the models across these ranges provide you with slimline vehicles for negotiating the byways as well as incorporating the luxury that you will expect from this manufacturer.