The following caravan brands are available from manufacturers in South Africa to allow you to take as quiet or as adventurous a holiday as you want:

Bushman Trailers

Bushman specialise in off-road trailers that are well thought out in terms of design.  This makes for a good off-road towing experience as well as good usability of their products.  In addition to this they do advise, and rightly so,  that you get yourself a firm grounding in the skills of off-road driving before you load up and go.  The experience of driving on a controlled and supervised off-road course is a lot different to being out there for real and every little bit of training and experience that you can accumulate will help you.

Bushman do three models, The Tracker, The Track Finder and the Tracker-1. Optional extras on the Bushman Tracker include a braked axle and coupler, which increases your payload from 750 kg to 1440 kg. You can also opt for an electrical control panel allowing access to 220 volt power.

The Tracker is easy to tow and very versatile and is also easy for almost anybody to set up and use. The Trackfinder is easy to load and carries a great deal of equipment in a relatively compact package.

It is equipped with reflective strips to the rear and sides, which is now necessary according to law in South Africa. The Tracker-1 model comes complete with an Expedition Tent, a freezer nose cone and has all the optional extras included.

Bushman have extensively tested and now offer a robust solar power system which can be used in the bush or on the campsites.

Buzzard Industries

Both the Bushpig and the Overlander off-road trailers are manufactured by Buzzard industries as well as Hi n’Dry rooftop tents.  This may at first sight appear to to be a limited range of products, however there are many permutations and variations available for both trailers. They also make and supply a range of safari equipment from their base in Durban.

This company are happy to provide custom built solutions and will match their products to your tow vehicle in a number of ways.

Displaying confidence in what they do Buzzard industries stand over their products by guaranteeing them for life against faulty material and workmanship.  

Conqueror Off-road Campers

This is a camper brand that really does combine ruggedness and good looks; the trailers surely do look the part and are well finished in a combination of earth colours.  This reflects the usage for which they are designed and they would look as much at home on a regular campsite as they would miles from from anywhere with no road in between.

To say that Conqueror had a robust and innovative approach to the design of on-road and off-road caravans is a bit of an understatement, and also quite understandable as they come originally from a military background.  It is hardly surprising then that the application of their experience results in vehicles that are among the most robust on the South African market. The offer a range of six off-road campers and three on-road caravan models.

Their off road camper models consist of the Commander, Comfort, Companion, Compact II, Conquest, Supra II and the Courage.  Their caravans are named the 450 and 550 Roadster and the 550 LE Roadster, and each are pop-up models.

Taking a quick look at the off-road camper models we see that they range from an overall length, including towing gear, of 4.855m for the Commander model to 3.328m for the Compact II.  Each model is comprehensively fitted out with anything that you may need for an off-road adventure, and a few things that you may not have though of as well.

The body construction eliminates the use of timber, fiberglass and other materials that will come under pressure and deteriorate in an outdoor environment.  The cupboards and furniture are all made from aluminium and have a unique fabric door skin which in all cases again minimises or eliminates the risk of instability or damage caused by movement during off-road driving conditions.

The on-road caravans are designed for luxury, light weight and ruggedness and they come with a chassis mounted water tank for a low center of gravity.

Jurgens Ci

This is one of the biggest caravan manufacturers in South Africa and it was founded in 1952.  Consequently they bring a good deal of expertise and experience to the building, conversion work and servicing that they undertake.

They make motor-homes and caravans as well as undertaking specialist conversions to meet the needs of individual clients.  When I last looked they had 33 dealers throughout South Africa and Namibia and they export to Australia, New Zealand and Holland as well.

As well as building the units a full after sales service is offered in addition to a full range of spares and accessories.  They also cater for the more adventurous 4×4 off-roader who needs their kit a bit more robust than those who stay on the tarmac.

Jurgens Ci also supply, through their outlets, a range of outdoor equipment.