The following manufacturers in Australia produce caravans for you and your family to enjoy:

Aventura Caravans

Aventura Operate from Unit 1 and 2, 164a Park Terrace Salisbury Plain, South Australia 5109.  They invite you to Live the Dream in one of their range of superior, luxury caravans.  While they are inspired by European design Aventura take great pride in the quality of their own design and build work.  They support small business enterprise in South Australia whenever and wherever they can.  The result is that Aventura are confident that you in turn will be proud to own tow and use one of their products in order to get you there and back in real comfort.

In business since 2007 Aventura build their caravans from scratch at their factory in Salisbury plain.  They do it all, resulting in a vast, detailed knowledge of their units; a knowledge from which the consumer benefits.  Using the latest technologies they come with contemporary designs that are elegant and modern in appearance.

They are particularly proud of their kitchens which they structure to be very functional and stylish.  Really excellent design and craftsmanship ensure that everything looks top class while allowing easy access to everything you need.

Their air conditioning system means that you can travel confidently at any time regardless of what the Australian weather might choose to throw at you.


A’van have been in business for over 15 years and they produce a range of caravans and motor-homes that should make it very easy for you to choose a model that suits you. The range includes folding campers, full height and pop top caravans, twin axle, slide out and units with extra ground clearance.  They have two very well appointed motor-homes available allowing you to pick something that exactly matches your needs and lifestyle.

Their Dealer network extends across Australia with outlets in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.


If the name Bushtracker suggests something a little more rugged to you that run of the mill travel trailers, then you’d be right.  This is a company that is proud of it’s robust units and has set out, successfully by the looks of things, to put right the things that have been wrong with caravans over the last forty years.  They have examined the problems, found what caused failures when travelling in the outback, and put them right.

These units have their own sterilising unit for water purification, they have solar panels built in and come equipped with compressor drive fridge units.  They have set out to be the best at producing this kind of caravan and it looks as if they have created a unique product with few if any imitators.  Starting with and off-road trailer built onto the strongest four wheeled drive load sharing independent suspension ensure a tough based for any vehicle, including a caravan.

This caravan is watertight to 1.2 meters and even has a watertight door for closing over the regular door in case you need it.  The Bushtracker factory uses native Tasmanian Oak and utilises aircraft technology for a really very tough product indeed.

I live and tour in western Europe, I never leave the tarmac and the only off-road place that I ‘ve ever taken a caravan is onto a nice level grass pitch in a caravan park.  I now however want want of these.

This is another manufacturer of a rugged off road camper unit.  They also produce a high quality product for campers that want to leave paved road and camp in places other than recognised camping and caravan parks.    The Campomatic is essentially a trailer tent built on a rugged off-road trailer chassis with all the bits added that you may want or need while you’re out there .

This company has paid specific attention to getting the trailer balance correct for the type of vehicle that is likely to tow it and has designed the approach and departure angles to match or exceed those provided on a lot of 4wd tow-cars.

The checker-plate wedge box on the front of the units is designed to take a very useful fridge and you can opt to add  the Honda EU 10i or EU 20i generators to your purchase.  This generator can also be accommodated in the wedge box which has drop-down doors for ease of access.  The sides of the box are angled to help deflect stones, helping to protect both your trailer and the tow-car.

One of the really clever features of this camper is the kitchen.  It slides out from the rigid body of the trailer just to the front of the left hand side wheel.  When this compartment is locked in place ready for travelling it it sealed against the ingress of dust and dirt which means that as soon as you slide it out it’s ready for you to go work.  It is made from stainless steel so is highly efficient and very easy to clean.  Because it pulls out horizontally it’s possible for three people to work easily around it, and conceivably it is possible for one to prepare one to cook and one to wash up all at the same time.

This off-road camper makes it very easy for you to take to the water by incorporating a boat lift to allow you to get your craft on top of the trailer before you move off.  It also has a locker where your outboard motor can be stored and secured while you on the road to your next adventure.  I want one of these units also.

Coromal Caravans

Coromal have a range of brands which cover campers, pop tops and caravans.

If you are setting out on a tight budget then the Silhouette range of campers is probably just the ticket.  This range pops up from a rugged and streamlined shell and has a well designed interior that give lots of useful space as well as adding the illusion of further space.  This thing is no wimp though and, with higher ground clearance and a strong chassis and large wheels it is designed to take you anywhere you want to go.

Their range of pop-tops or fold-outs include the Magnum and Transforma brands which are easy to tow and store, as well as giving you a full sized caravan when everything is set up on site.

Their range of caravans are comprehensively fitted out and allow you to get around in a quality caravan while travelling in comfort.

The range manufactured by Compass includes both on and off road units which allows you to decide what kind of travel you want to optimise for.  Their Aurora model is designed firmly with safety in mind and to this end great attention is paid to things like the pressure relief aspect of the gas system.  They also prioritise, as part of this attention to safety,  the electrical earth leakage system, temperature limiting values in models at the top end of the range and a water purification system.  They are also conscious of fire safety and include a fire blanket and fire extinguisher as standard.

Their range of Aurora and limited Edition models include many comfortable and versatile layouts.


The Coronet Prince, Carrington and Farren range cover everything from pop ups to three axle homes away from home.

The Farren comes as either a pop-up or as a fixed roof model and you have the option of either one or two slide out sleeping pods, which operate to the front and the rear of the trailer.  These things come in lengths of 12ft to 20ft,  they are easy to tow and the larger one especially makes very good use of space.

The Prince is designed for those that use campsites & never go anywhere else.  This model assumes that you use on-site facilities such as the toilet and bathroom which are excluded from this design.  This results is a much lighter caravan both in terms of towing and on it’s impact  on your wallet.  It comes as either a full sized van or you can choose the pop-up version.  You can customise it using the features that appeal to you from those available in order to arrive at your ideal layout.  It ranges in size from 12 ft to 25ft and you can have it with bunks, fixed beds, single beds, double beds and island beds.   All in all this looks like a really versatile good value option for those who prefer serviced campsites.

The Carrington is at the top of the Coronet range.  It starts at 16ft 6 with options of 2 to 4 bunks and ranges up to the top size of 28ft.  This is a truly luxury experience incorporating air conditioning, hot water, toilet, shower, inner-sprung mattresses and and an automatic battery charger.

Custom Caravan By Chief

Chief offers you the unique experience of working with individual professionals at their company in order to design your own unique caravan.  Starting with the floor-plan and working up to the furniture and fittings you can have a hugely effective input all the way through.  From choosing the colour scheme to fine tuning the suspension for the type of journeys you take you will be guided through it all the way.  This all sounds a bit on the expensive side but because your finished caravan is delivered to you directly from the factory no dealership network exists.  This therefore is also a cost effective way of doing business.  The factory builds the caravan in case there is any doubt on the subject, you simply consult with them throughout on the design.


Galaxy Caravans is a relative newcomer to the marketplace and for all that they have an impressive range of unit.  Over a range of seven models they cater for everybody from families seeking a good value comfortable unit to those who want to go off road.  This company also has a range without a shower or toilet which will allow you to camp comfortably at serviced sites and fully featured campsites.


Golf build high quality campers that are particularly suited to Australian conditions.  They use some of today’s world class production techniques resulting in strength of construction and excellent insulation.  Their roof construction is a one piece design which results in no joins and therefore they do not suffer from leaks.  Options exist for the more robust camper and their four Bush Challenger layouts feature an upgrade offer for off highway towing.


This is a company with a very wide range of camping and caravanning options.  The have something for campers, for those who like to stay permanently on one campsite and  everything in between.  Their Range includes camper trailers, their expanda series, pop tops and caravans.  In addition they produce a range of toy haulers which allow you to cart around all kinds of kit including trail bikes, jet-skis and surfboards. Looking a that thing it seems possible to carry enough toys to kit out at least one cricket team!

They also bring their undoubted quality, innovation and backup service to providing excellent motor-homes and park cabins.


The robustness of the Kedron range is personified by the adventures of the owners of the company, the Gall family.  These adventure are documented in their videos which needless to say feature their range of caravans.

Their Cross Country 3 model is designed for long distance hauls and when you get there you can take it off road.  It’s fully equipped with a shower, toilet, external shower and a hot water system.

Their All Terrain Vehicle model allows you to get off the road whenever you want and explore the outback.  This model incorporates comfort and robustness and has hand crafted Tasmanian oak furniture and military style leaf spring to get you safely over the bumps.

Their Topender model is equipped to allow you to be fully self sufficient wherever and whenever you want to explore.


Paramount Caravans have been growing strongly as a company recently and they pride themselves on maintaining a personal touch while doing so.  They do a range which includes fixed price options as well as custom designed models which are built to a high standard and which are also cost effective.

The range starts with the compact Duet which has air conditioning and checkered plate sides as standard.

The vogue is their next step up and this allows for custom layouts.

Their Classic model allow choices ranging from pop tops to large custom designed vans with showers and toilets.

The adventurer is a robust and well equipped unit that allows families to explore in comfort and style.  It is equipped for staying on campsites or for going further afield.

The Gold Class Range pays immense attention to detail resulting in a caravan of top quality at the pinnacle of the Paramount range.  It employs a sleek fiberglass finish and an excellent timber interior combined with a top class entertainment system.  Add to this the fact that you can get involved in the design of your very own unique Paramount Gold Class and you are sure to travel in comfort and style wherever you go.


The Pedigree range has been owned and built by Caravan Court in Melbourne since the 1960.  Their approach to building their excellent products is methodical and they tend to let their products speak for themselves.  Reviews suggest that you are welcome to take you time and brows their range with being put under any pressure to purchase.

Their models include the Horizon, The Elite GLX and the Frontier.  The horizon is the entry level model and the Elite GLX is their up-market option.  The Frontier is often used to test new and innovative ways of doing things.  Each model is available as it comes or cam be customised to meet the needs of individual customers.


Founded in 1928 Roma caravans is a family owned and operated company that has retained many customers over the years.  No mass production takes place in their factory and each unit is built individually.  This individual attention to detail and quality is backed up by a 12 month warranty on all its products.

The Cruza model is a pop-up with, due to its construction method, great structural integrity and top insulation properties.  There is plenty of storage on board to allow you to carry enough stuff any type or length of holiday.

The Sov’reign model take a logical approach to design and combines it with the natural flair associated with Roma to produce a caravan that is both a pleasure to use and good value for money.

The Elegance model is the top of Roma’s range and is very stylish in terms of its exterior and interior finishes.


Roadstar is another family owned firm that specialises in the design and construction of quality caravans.  They have their own quality procedures in place and these are independently assessed in order to keep the company among the leaders in its field.  They will make you caravan to suite your requirements because they are very much aware that everybody has different requirements.

The Little Rippa is their latest release and they intend to add models to this range as they go along.

The Daintree model comes as standard with a huge range of stuff including smoke detectors, electric braking, fire security kit and a water purifying facility.

Sunset Campers

The Crossover semi off-road model from Sunset Campers is their most popular product.  It is specially built for Australian conditions and it is exceptional value for money.  It has a steel kitchen box complete with sink, a tap and a two burner stove.  It also come complete with an 85ltr water tank and a steel tool box.  The fabric is a high quality Australian product, Wax Converters heavy duty canvas complete with Dynaproofing.  It looks very easy to set up and peg out and has a nice big awning section.


Supreme have a new model for 2012 which is known as the Basecamp.  This is a versatile unit because as well as offering plenty of luxury including a queen bed it has a garage, or toy section which allows you to bring practically everything you think you might need.  Stick the trail bike in there, fishing kit or canoes.  You could operate a ham radio station out of the toy section.  I wonder how much it would cost to get one of these things all the way round to Europe?

All of their range looks robust, spacious and comfortable, including their wonderful slide out model which is almost like being at home, especially if your out there for that bit longer.


Trackmaster build very strong units using an insulated sandwich technique for their walls.  The have identified the accordion bellows effect as being a problem on off road caravan and have eliminated it using their rugged construction techniques.

Their small, but tough, model ranges from 12’6″ to 13’6″ and their largest, The Simpson starts at 19′ and goes to 22′.  They like to meet with you in order to identify your requirements before bringing their own experience into play in order to arrive at a finished van that reflects your individual needs.

Venture Fifth Wheelers

This company produces fifth wheel caravans that can be towed using your standard Australian utility vehicle.  They specialise in smooth sleek designs that are better to tow and which increases the usable indoor area.

Venture have looked to the aeronautical and marine industries for information on minimising wind resistance,  improving fuel efficiency and helping maneuverability.


Windsor Caravans have been serving the Australian market for over 40 years.  They have a dealership network and service agents throughout Australia and their range of caravans comes with a free three year roadside assist package.  Their range includes the Royal, Genesis and Entice models.