Each country where caravanning is popular tends to have it’s own core group of manufacturers.  While the caravan brands in each country are very different from each other it is possible to recognize, say and American travel trailer for instance as being distinctly different from a British caravan.

The links on this page will take you to information about the manufactures of caravan in the countries listed and I’ll dig out as much information as I can on each of their brands and models.

AustraliaAustralia has a good number of manufacturers almost all of which have a distinctive character.  Almost all of them cater in one way or another for going off road and it it is very easy to get involved in the design of your own new caravan.

New Zealand – There are many quality manufacturers of Motorhomes and Caravans in New Zealand many of whom have taken the time to study local conditions. This means that they can design their units to match local conditions, delivering comfort and reliability as a result.

South AfricaA number of specialised manufacturers operate in South Africa and they provide both on-road and off road vehicles that have been developed specifally for local conditions.  At least one of these companies also export their brands to markets around the world. 

United Kingdon – A number of very well established manufacturers operate in the United Kingdom producing not just caravans and motorhome, but also mobile homes that you can site on a permanent or semi permanent basis.

USA – As you would expect there are a vast number of manufacturers of all kinds of RV units in the US.  This market therefore appears under the following headings which breaks down the  many different kinds of recreational vehicle available to you.  Of necessity I have duplicated the names of some manufacturers under the listings for different types of units.  This is simply because some companies produce more than one kind of vehicle.  For instance a company manufacturing fifth wheel units may also be involved in bus conversions.  Go ahead and explore the many American Manufacturers and if you want me to include anything I have omitted or make any other changes please drop me a line in the e-mail:

Bus Conversions – These are very simply what they say the are, RVs made using a bus as a starting point.

Diesel Pusher – The engine is rear mounted and it is powered by diesel.  This is probably the most luxurious RV experience of them all.

Class A Motorhome – This vehicle can be related to to the bus conversion and to the diesel pusher, however to starts life intended to be a first class, ultra luxurious RV.

Van Camper – Class B Motorhome – This is a small, versatile motorhome which is built on the framework of a commercial van body.  It can offer you a great value method of getting away especially if you like an active holiday when travelling as a couple or with a small family.

Mini Motorhome – Class C – These range in size and comfort levels from the reasonably small to to the really quite large.  They are recognisable as the vans with a rear area that look a little like a caravan and that a piece over the cab which make a comfortable sleeping area.

Fifth Wheel – These are a step up from the standard caravan or travel trailer and are towed using a coupling hitch located in the flatbed of your pickup truck.  They are often as large, or larger than some of the motor-homes on the market and just as luxurious.