Sometimes we need a change.  Often that change is brought about by our children who want to do do something other than the so called normal caravan holiday.  Looking around we can see the usual seaside stuff; good caravan parks complete with playgrounds, swimming pools and pizza shops.  Once in while we need to get past that and go for something a bit different; well a lot different really…

There comes a time in our family life when we have to get our RVs ready and head for one of the theme and amusement parks withing striking distance of us.  Nothing for it except to grin and bear it; look happy, pay up and go with the flow.  Do we have to try that hard to look happy?  I actually enjoyed visiting these places as an adult although it has to be said that I didn’t do the really scary ones.

You will of course need to see where your caravan parks are in relation to your chosen destination, if that is, one does not exist as part of the theme park itself.  You will often find that your club brochure will list caravan parks near theme parks and other attractions.  I am of course assuming that everyone takes their caravan or motor-home along rather than staying in one of the usual on-site hotels at these parks.  It is often cheaper to stay at a nearby caravan park and to drive to the car park then to stay at resort itself.

If you live in the United States you have a wonderful selection of parks to visit and the adventure is really only limited by the time you have available and the distance you are willing to travel to get there.

Among the well known destinations are Disneyland in California with so much to do and enjoy that it is a challenge on all kinds of levels.  One of your biggest challenges here and at other parks will be to focus on the enjoyment of the younger members of your party without getting overly involved in engaging in all the fun of the fair yourself.

On the other side of the nation you have Universals Island of Adventure which is completely absorbing and of which I have practical first hand experience.  It was a while ago now admittedly but this did involve a good long drive there and back from near Lafayette, Louisiana, stopping once on the way on both legs of the journey.  As you will expect this experience is all based on movie themes.  Remember therefore to do your homework before you go and brush up on your video watching.

If you choose to make a project of visiting all of the Six Flags parks you will have plenty of driving to do.  These provide you with destinations in the States of California, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Washington DC.  You will also find them in parts of Canada and in Mexico.  Visiting them all seems more like the work of a lifetime and less like a relaxing RV family expedition.

There are other different types of parks in specific places like Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Cedar Point, Ohio and at Seaworld Florida.

Legoland in California is echoed by parks in Denmark and at Windsor near London in the UK.  These are definitely parks that can be enjoyed by most visitors as I think nearly everybody has built something from Lego during their lifetime.

Wherever you live you simply need to do some quick online research in order to find somewhere suitable for all tastes and age-groups.

Today’s theme parks grew out of a historic desire by people to be entertained by different types of public events.  During the years before the French revolution it was common for large crowds to gather to see inventors fly into the sky in their new hot air balloons.  People historically have gathered at fairs where they were entertained as well as being able to trade their goods.  Parks and pleasure-grounds were also a precursor to the modern theme park.

The theme park and amusement park are two distinct entities.  An amusement park will generally have a lot of things to do which are not directly related to any one specific theme.  The theme park proper is usually based on a single specific theme.  This can be useful if you have a bunch of kids who are all, or mostly all into something like Asterix.  All your problems are then solved if you are in a position to get yourself along to Park Asterix.  Well perhaps not all your problems, and maybe not for very long but you will certainly give those in your party who are into this specific theme something to remember.

As transportation improved theme parks and amusement parks developed along lines of communications, initially on railway lines, and then on key parts of the roads network.  As technology developed with the industrial revolution and with the increase in leisure time in the 20th century, it became a very attractive option to climb aboard our RV unit and head for one of these places.  The combination now of human input and mechanical and electronic ingenuity means that when we take our caravans and go along to an amusement park for a day, or longer, we are assured of the range and depth of entertainment that we have come to expect.