No matter how experienced you are at caravanning or at owning a motorhome or other type of RV there is always fun to be had, and lots to learn, by attending a show.

Are you one of those people for whom half the fun is in looking at new RVs as they enter the campsite?

Now and again I find that where we have pitched up provides a view of the entrance or of one of the main roadways on the site.  If you are like me then you will love to watch the motorhomes and caravans as they arrive.  You’ll recognise brands from a good old distance and models will come into focus as they draw closer.

Sometimes a model may be of particular interest to you and you may spend some time examining it once it is pitched.  The positions of doors, vents, hatches and roof lights when viewed from the outside will give you a good indication of how the designers have laid it out inside.  There is a limit however to how long you can stare at somebodies property without getting into trouble.  You don’t really want to knock on the door of every unit that interests you in order to have a good old look around inside.  Not everybody, I find, is as sociable as I am.

A photograph shows people moving around a caravan and motorhome exhibition. There are people in the foreground and some caravans with their doors open behind them. You can see the structure of the building which tells you that the show is indoors in a large commercial premisesThe alternative way then to indulge your curiosity, and to get a peep at the most up to date equipment, is to take yourself along to one of the many shows that take place each year.  You’ll find all the top brands there and there is no need to be at all shy about trotting in and out of any caravan that interests you.  In fact you will find that there are representatives there from all the manufactures only too willing to point out the merits of their particular unit.  If you’re in the market for a new RV they will be very happy to chat with you about pricing, and you will more often than not discover that there are some great deals to be done there on trade-ins.  Watch out in particular for special deals that last for the duration of the show.  They will be more than happy to stick a pen in your paw and get your signature on the dotted line. By doing this you may very well save yourself a whole heap of cash.

If you are only looking that is fine too, dealers will always be happy to show you around their trailers in the expectation that you will come back or help to spread the word about their products.

As well as the units themselves you will find, especially at the bigger exhibitions, that there is a full range of accessories on display, usually all of them for sale.  You will have an opportunity to chat with the dealers about the finer points of what everything does and pick up that very thing that you always needed.  No doubt you will also find a thing or two that you didn’t know until now existed and that nevertheless you always wanted.  There is a very real danger that you will leave there, if not with a new caravan, at least with a bag or two of goodies that you can use when you next go out.

All sorts of shows take place, usually just after the end of the season during early Autumn.  We love to go each year to a show which takes place locally and which takes place over a weekend at our local caravan dealers premises.  This gives us a great opportunity to have a look at the new models in his range, to chat with him and to replenish things like gas cartridges for the portable cooker, toilet and cleaning fluids as well having a look around the shop for nice new windbreaks and other stuff that we need or want.

Sometime we have a local caravan and leisure exhibition in the city and this, while it is still friendly and intimate, has a lot more to look at then the dealers exhibition.

Regardless of local, city or county exhibitions it is always great fun to visit the state, or national exhibition.  This is where you get everything relevant to your caravan world all in one place.  Each manufacturer, many of the dealers, and the suppliers of everything caravan related that you can think of come along to these events.

Local shows are easy to look around and you can easily take everything in.  There is no problem in going around once, stopping for refreshments or a chat and then going to see some of the really interesting stuff before going home.

When you visit the larger shows however they may be somewhat overwhelming, and it simply may not be possible see everything.  If therefore you are planning to visit one of the larger events it is worth taking a little bit of time to plan what you want to see and do.  Firstly, if possible, book your ticket on-line as this may well save you money. It will often save you precious time also having to queue at the entrance.  Make a list of the things that you really want to see before setting out.  Write it down and bring it with you as it is very easy to get distracted by all the nice new shiny kit and forget what you came to do.  Take many drinks breaks as these places can often be hot and you can get tired and dehydrated very easily.  Keep a note of the things that you may want to go back ans see before leaving.

Visit some caravan and RV shows, indulge your curiosity, get yourself some new and useful things and have fun!