Whether you are trying before-you-buy or you have calculated that it is more economical for you to rent your RV rather than buy one, then there are many businesses willing to work with you to meet your needs.

In the world where nobody owns a caravan or RV of any kind, and where they are not interested in ever doing so (there is such a place!),  I know some people who have come to an interesting conclusion.  They have looked at the costs of ownership of a car and, particularly if they live in urban areas, calculated these costs against those of using public transport.  When the purchase cost, running, tax, depreciation, fuel and other costs are taken into account it can often make much more sense to rent rather than to buy.

Similarly with your caravan; you may find that you use it for holidays in your own country for a relatively short period each year.  In this instance, and especially if you have a rental facility near your home, it may well pay off financially to have close look at the total cost of ownership as opposed to renting.

Your caravan behaves in its marketplace in much the same way as your automobile does;  you’ve got to buy the first one and thereafter trade in your old for new, you’ve got to insure it, maintain it and store it.  Even washing it involves a financial outlay.  If like us you like to use your unit regularly and often, we’ve had over sixty nights away so far this year including our summer holidays, then it makes perfect sense to own your RV.  If on the other hand you use it for two weeks each year then the charges for this need to be carefully weighed up.  A quick online search showed me that you can rent a caravan for €250.00 per week, the total cost of this for two weeks being less than the the usual cost per year for storage.

When your look at your rental options you will often find a range of units across the spectrum, many of them new or nearly new.  You will be able to choose from caravans or travel trailers, pop-ups and all classes of motor-homes.  If you like to bring your motorbike, quad, diving equipment or any other of the large range of toys that caravanners like to play with then you even have the option of hiring a toy hauler.  This will usually have plenty of living accommodation and will have the space necessary to properly store and carry in safety your choice of playtime equipment.

A quick look around at some countries shows me that in the USA a large choice is offered over a versatile range of vehicles.  If you are a regular renter this will give you many choices of vehicle for different types of holiday.  If you’re taking a winter trip to the mountains you, as a renter, have the option of choosing a vehicle which will suit this purpose.  If after a while you then decide to spend some time at the seaside you can opt for a completely different unit.  Flexibility is the name of the game, something of which we have less when we buy a caravan.

In Ireland I see that at least one RV rental company is also offering to hire extra equipment such as surf boards and bicycles.  They will also arrange tickets to events like music festivals and sports.

A company in Australia offers a truly luxurious experience based on upmarket Mercedes and Volkswagen models.  Their fit-out includes leather detailing and they describe the experience offered as “apartment living on the road”

Whether you are renting at the budget end of the market, like a bit of luxury or choose something in between to fit your active lifestyle you do need to weigh up the cost benefits of renting versus buying.  Renting-to-try is a great way of helping you to choose & I’ve done it with cars in the past.  However once you’ve committed to using something you’ll need to think a bit longer.  A little bit of time spent looking very honestly at how you use your toys, including your caravan will pay dividends here.  If you are somebody who really makes good and frequent use of your kit then you should probably buy it.  If you tend to buy things and use them infrequently then you may need to consider renting.

Then there are of course the psychological benefits of ownership.  Even if you use your caravan only a few times a year, it is always there and it is always yours.  All your property is in place and you know where the TV channels are stored.  The smell, look and feel of everything is yours and chances are that if something goes wrong with it while you’re out there, you are familiar with how to fix it.   All your kit is in there and you don’t need to fully load up before setting out or do a complete clean-out before you go home.

If there is any specific information that you’d like me to find for you on this or any other subject related to Caravans and RVs just get in touch.  I’ll research it and put the information on here for everybody to use.